Asian Dust in the Spring of 2007

Kagoshima Univ. - Northeast Normal Univ. - Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Collaboration

A. Sky in Changchun

Albums in days and hours : March , April , May

Casio QV-R4 with 1-hour interval, in 640*480, with fine mode mostly,
File name c07mdd_hh : c07=Changchun 2007, m=month, dd= date, and hh= hour in CST.
Recorded at Department of Environmental Science, Northeast Normal Univ.

B. Sky in Kagoshima

Album : March-April Visible and near-infrared views by digital camera Sony DSC-V3
Top : Three-hour interval by digital camera Ricoh Caplio G4 wide for March - May

C. Satellite AVI Images of MTSAT

Quick-look albums , Access to each in Mar. 30- Apr. 3 , May 23-28

Asian dust : Ground observation & Satellite Images in 2003-2008
Recent reports on Asian dust since 2003