Camera Records in the Spring of 2009

Kagoshima Univ. - Northeast Normal Univ. - Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Collaboration

A. Southwestern Sky in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
during March 11 -May 5, 2009

Observed at IMH by Ricoh Caplio G4wide

UB2009 top menu: Images with three hours interval are listed, with each day in one line.

B. Kagoshima Sky in the Spring of 2009
from Observation Point B near Kamoike Port

Three hour intervals in March - May

Visible and NIR view towards N, E and S in March - May, 2009 ; all of the year

A set of four photos were taken with f=7mm (34mm eq. film std.) of SONY DSC-V1, while the fifth one with 4X zoom. NIR mode.
Panoramic View and Distances from Point B

Asian dust Top