Satellite Imagery of Asian Dust Events

Kagoshima Kosa Analysis Group
(K. Kinoshita, R. Iwasaki, M. Koyamada, T. Masumizu, T. Yano, N. Iino, H. Kikukawa)


This booklet contains our papers on satellite imagery of Asian dust events during 1997-2001, additional notes and related works, including the contributions A4, B1c, B2d, B3b from workers in the same field.
For the papers in Japanese, we add English captions for all figures and tables as well as English titles.

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A  General Survey

Satellite imagery of Asian dust events during 1997-2001
K. Kinoshita

Observation of Asian dusts during 1997-2000 by NOAA/AVHRR
K.Kinoshita, R.Iwasaki, M.Koyamada, N.Iino, T.Yano, I.Uno, H.Amano, H.Yoshii and T.Masumizu
The CEReS International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Validation of Satellite Data, pp. 7-12, 2001

A3 (in Japanese)
Detection of Volcanic Clouds and Asian Dust using NOAA/AVHRR Data and Estimation of Water Vapor Amount

K. Kinoshita, R. Iwasaki, I. Uno, H. Amano, N. Iino, T. Yano and T. Masumizu
The CEReS Symposium Report No.4, pp. 46-51, 2000

A4 (in Japanese)
GMS-5 Data Archive and Processing of Sprit Images
T. Kikuchi

B  Results of Each Years (B1=1997 - B5=2001)

B1a (in Japanese)
Time-series analysis of the dispersion of Kosa in April 1997 by the meteorological satellite NOAA
N. Iino, R. Iwasaki, K. Kinoshita, T. Masumizu and T. Yano
Kyushu Branch Conf. Met. Soc. Japan, pp.1-2, 2000

Properties of AVHRR images and Asian dust in April 1997
N. Iino and K. Kinoshita

Estimation of the distribution and optical parameters of Yellow sand dust clouds from ADEOS/POLDER data
T. Kusaka

Ground-Based Network Observation of Asian Dust Events of April 1998 in East Asia
T.Murayama, N.Hagiwara, N.Sugimoto, I.Matsui, Z.Liu, I.Uno, K.Kinoshita, K.Aoki, T.Sakai, T.Shibata, N.Iwasaka, K.Arao, M.Abo, K.Iokibe, R.Koga, B.J.Sohn, S.C.Yoon, J.G.Won, Z.Jun, H.Huanling and T.Li
JGR 106, D16 (Dust Special Issue.), pp.18, 345-18,359, 2001

B2b (in Japanese)
Development of Yellow Sand Transport Model coupled with Regional Meteorological Model and its Application to Large-scale Yellow Sand Phenomena observed in April 1998.
I. Uno, H. Amano, K. Kinoshita, K. Arao, T. Murayama, I. Matsui and N.Sugimoto
Tenki., 50, pp. 17-29, 2003

Trans-Pacific Yellow Sand Transport observed in April 1998- A Numerical Simulation
I.Uno, H.Amano, S.Emori, K.Kinoshita, I.Matsui and N.Sugimoto
JGR 106, D16 (Dust Special Issue.), pp.18, 331-18,344, 2001

Detection of Asian dust aerosol over land using SeaWiFS data
Hajime Fukushima, Masahiro Miura, Tomohiro Takaoka, Mitsuhiro Toratani and I. Uno
The CEReS International Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Validation of Satellite Data, pp.55-61, 2001.

B2e (in Japanese)
Detection and analysis of Kosa using NOAA/AVHRR data
K. Kinoshita, M. Nishinosono, T. Yano, N. Iino and I. Uno
26th Conf. Remote Sens. Soc. Jpn., pp.253-256, 1999

B2f (in Japanese)
Wide area analysis of Asian dust events in April 1998 by NOAA data
K. Kinoshita, R. Iwasaki, N. Iino, I. Uno and H. Amano
28th Conf. Remote Sens. Soc. Jpn., pp.9-12, 2000

B2g (in Japanese)
Detection of volcanic gas and Asian dust in 1998 by environmental atmospheric data
M. Koyamada and K. Kinoshita
Kyushu Branch Conf. Met. Soc. Japan, pp.13-14, 2000

B2h (in Japanese)
Relationship between precipitable water amounts obtained from upper air data and AVHRR split-window measurement in Asian dust season - A case study during April 15 - 20, 1998 -
H. Kikukawa, N. Iino and K. Kinoshita

B3a (in Japanese)
Analysis of advection and dispersion of Kosa in Jan. 1999 using NOAA satellite data
T. Masumizu, K. Kinoshita, N. Iino, T. Yano, R. Iwasaki and I. Uno
27th Conf. Remote Sens. Soc. Jpn., pp.31-34, 1999

B3b (in Japanese)
Formation processes of dirt layers in snow cover at Murododaira, Mt. Tateyama, central Japan: Relationship between atmospheric aerosol particles and dirt in snow
K. Osada, M. Kido, H. Iida and Y. Iwasaka

B3c (in Japanese)
Optimization of the yellow-sand detection method by NOAA satellite data - Application to April 1999 -

R. Iwasaki and K. Kinoshita
Kyushu Branch meeting of Remote Sens. Soc. Japan, 1999

B4a (in Japanese)
Analysis of Asian dust in the spring of 2000 using GMS-5/VISSR
R. Iwasaki, T. Masumizu, M. Koyamada, K. Kinoshita, I. Uno, H. Yoshii, T. Yano and N. Iino
30th Conf. Remote Sens. Soc. Jpn., pp.71-74, 2001

B4b (in Japanese; attached to B4a)
Survey of Asian dust events in the spring of 2000
R. Iwasaki and T. Masumizu

B4c (in Japanese)
SPM at Kagoshima in April 2000 - March 2001
M. Koyamada

B5 (in Japanese)
Analysis of Asian Dust in the spring of 2001 using GMS-5/VISSR Data
T. Masumizu, K. Kinoshita, M. Koyamada, R. Iwasaki, I. Uno, S. Satake, T. Yano and N. Iino

C  Related Works

C1 (in Japanese)
NOAA/AVHRR Data and the Amount of Precipitable Water
M. Nakamura, K. Kinoshita, N. Iino, J. Kohno and H. Kikukawa
Mem. Fach. Fish. Kagoshima Univ., 49, pp. 9-16, 2000

C2 (in Japanese)
Front of Water Vapor in Bo Hai Strait
H. Kikukawa, H. Jyo, J. Kohno and E. Ishiguro
Journal of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan, 21, pp. 199-205, 2001

C3 (in Japanese)
Comparison and verification of NOAA/AVHRR Data vs. GMS-5/VISSR Data
R. Iwasaki

C4 (in Japanese)
Front rain cloud seen in NOAA images of the Fukuoka heavy rain June 1999
R. Iwasaki, K. Kinoshita, S. Saitoh and K. Maeno
Kyushu Branch Conf. Met. Soc. Japan, pp.25-26, 2000

C5 (in Japanese)
Satellite detection of Miyake-jima plumes and the gas concentration at the foot of the volcano
M. Koyamada and K. Kinoshita
Programs and Abstracts, Volcanol. Soc. Japan, 2001, p.25

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