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A.MOS/MESSR Images of Volcanoes and Ash Clouds in Kyushu, Japan
B.Mt. Sakurajima and Ash Clouds observed by JERS-1
C.Thermal Images of Kyushu Island in the Nighttime Observation by LANDSAT
D.NOAA ThermalImages of Kuroshio(Black Current) and the Sea around Kyushu
E.Comparison of the Brightness Temperature between the Data of LANDSAT and NOAA at Low Temperatures
F.Topographies of South-West Japan, Kyushu, and North-West Part of Kagoshima in Relation to Recent Earthquakes (in Japanese)
G. Analysis of Satellite Images of Eruption Clouds from Sakurajima Volcano
Pages in Japanese only are not listed below.
K. Asian Dust Events - Satellite Analysis and Ground Observation -
M. Satellite images of volcanic clouds from Miyake-jima in 2000
O.Satellite images of Miyake-jima plumes 2001
P.Satellite images of Miyake-jima plumes 2002
Q.Satellite images of Miyake-jima plumes 2003
R.Satellite images of Miyake-jima plumes 2004
S.MODIS Database of Volcanic Eruptions in the Western Pacific

U. Recent reports on volcanic gas problems in Japan

W. Magamatic eruptions of Kirishima-Shinmoedake volcano in 2011: NOAA, MODIS & MTSAT Images, and 3D views
Y. MODIS, AsterImages of Volcanic Clouds at Aso and Sakurajima 2014-2016 , Report , MODIS database
(Kumamoto Univ., in J) NEW

Satellite image 3D presentation system SiPSE

Photo and video pictures of volcanic clouds in southwest Japan and Mt. Mayon, Philippines

Physics Department, Faculty of Education, Kagoshima University

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