Selected Scenes of Mayon Volcano in 2009

PHIVOLCS-Kagoshima Univ. Collaboration

March-May: June-August with crater glow: September-November: NIR, NightShot movies, and Vis
Flights Aug. 11, to the summit crater; Nov. 19, round the mountain

Eruptions with lava flows in day and night in December:
14-24 daytime with NightShot mode in the dark:
24 evening-27 NightShot and Visible modes in the dark
Short movie scenes

File name M09MOdd_hhmm.jpg, with MO=MOnth, dd=date _hhmm=hour&minute,
captured mainly from video records of SONY DCR-TRV22 with daylight and night-shot modes at Mayon Volcano Observatory, Lignon Hill, Legazpi

Volcanoc clouds at Mt. Mayon since June 2003

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