Sakurajima eruption on 2013. 8.18

Very strong eruption of Sakurajima volcano happend at 16:31 with the column height reaching about 5000 m above the Showa crater near the south summit.

Manual photographs at B

Interval records of NIR view by web camera at B:
Every 1 min. for 16:30-59
Every 10 min. for 6:10-18:50

Interval records by web camera at Kinkodai :
Every 10 sec. for 16:32-36,
Every 1 min. for 16:37-56, 16:57-17:10

Interval records by web camera at Tarumizu :
Every 10 min. for 16:30-17:50

Volcanic clouds at Sakurajima in th 21th century